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The Catalyst Exhibition

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A Global Student Exhibition of Learning

The Catalyst Exhibition invites students to share, connect, and demonstrate the application of their skills to the real world.

GOA wants all students to cultivate agency in their learning.

At GOA, student agency means students have opportunities to express choice and voice in what, when, and how they demonstrate learning. The Catalyst Exhibition is a vehicle for meeting that goal. With Catalyst, students have the opportunity to demonstrate how they have applied the skills and concepts learned in their course to the real world.

This year, as we embark on our seventh year of Catalyst, we are initiating a two-year plan to adopt The Catalyst Exhibition as the culminating learning event for all GOA courses. Member school teachers who are eager to participate should fill out this initial interest form so that we can reach out to them with further information as it becomes available.

Student Projects

The Catalyst Exhibition features student projects from around the world. Click the image below to explore past projects.

The Catalyst Exhibition

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